What We Offer

Within our scope of work we offer the following services:

1. Bespoke investigation

(Building of the different family branches from a concrete person)

To build your family tree, we will look for your ancestors and present a small report on the history of your family, organized and bound. We can start from the first ancestor (father or mother) and reach as far as we can or as far as public records allow us to reach. That is, you will have not only a family tree, but also historical information, about both your family ancestors and their ways of life.

We also offer three “closed packages” in which we will seek to tell or reveal the desired family history more or less broadly. The packages are as follows:

Basic Package

Standard Package

Premium Package

 2. Small projects

On the other hand, there are many people interested in obtaining some specific certificate about a particular family member. We can also help you obtaining the original certification and sending it to your address (in any country).

3. Reviewing and expanding your own research

If you need to review or expand your own research, once we know the starting point of the research and the current research situation, we will agree on the best way to expand, improve and complete information that may be missing. On several occasions, there are myths, family stories or even certain mysteries that possibly may be solved through genealogical research.

Nonetheless, you will have at your disposal, once the investigations are finished, a complete report that will contain not only the information obtained, but also its sources. In addition, and if possible, we could illustrate the report with photographs and news reports that will shed even more light on your family history.

In this report, you will also have copies of all the certificates and original documents that we are able to find, which makes the research an excellent gift for special dates.

4. Genealogical research for inheritance purposes

(Research on your ancestors and intervention on possible assets to inherit)

In genealogical investigations for inheritance purposes, once we have all the information over the property and your rights as heir, our lawyers will report on all aspects of the inheritance (assets to inherit, payments of possible taxes, national and international bank transfers and real estate). We cover all your needs.

We are aware that, in exceptional cases, we need information quickly. There would be no problem in discuss the limitation of the deadlines.

All the details and fees on our services you will find in the page fees.

Family Tree Samples: