Daniele Leoz Ferronato

Daniele holds a degree in journalism from the Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná (Brazil) and a Masters in Sociology from the University of León (Spain).

Community Manager of the Ricardo Franco & Associates law offices and the Journal Gender Issues: on equality and difference at the University of León. Throughout her career, she has worked in various areas of journalism, which has enabled her to develop skills in various fields of communication: reporting, writing, photojournalism or production.

She has carried out communication and press advisory work on projects such as Rumbo al Norte, Feria de la Montaña Leonesa (Leonese Mountain Fair) of the Asociación Lucha por la Montaña; Vadinia Project, on sustainable development of the Leonese Mountain, of the Cidecot Community Development. She has also carried out press consultancy work for companies and institutions such as the Asociación Trashumancia y Naturaleza, TEDxLeón, City Halls of the Province of León and El Trío Los Panchos, from México. She collaborates as a columnist in local magazines and online media of the Province of León, Spain.

In Brazil, she has worked as director of the “Information Technology” Magazine of the Association of Brazilian Companies of Information Technology (ASSESPRO-PR), editor of the internal Newsletter of Renault, communication advisor of Maxidata and ASSESPRO-PR companies and was the Director of Rede Shopping, Internal Television Network of Crystal Shopping Center.

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Ricardo Franco Pinto

Of counsel Attorney Ricardo Franco has been practicing law since 1996 with admissions to the bars of Spain and Brazil. He is a member of the List of Counsel for the International Criminal Court. His academic background includes advanced degrees from several prestigious international universities, specifically from the Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná (Brazil) and from the University of León (Spain).

He is PhD in International Law with a focus on State Terrorism and International Political Discourses. In the course of pursuing his PhD, he has conducted research at Harvard, Ludwig Maximilians University (Munich, Germany), University of Trento (Italy), while conducting his thesis with renowned linguist Noam Chomsky, Professor Emeritus at MIT in Cambridge. Attorney Franco possesses broad teaching experience in International Law and International Political Analysis, having delivered many conferences on the subjects in the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, Germany, Brazil and Spain.

Being an attorney licensed in the European Union, Attorney Franco may practice in every EU member country. He is experienced with European wills and estates, as well as civil and criminal matters. Additionally, he has represented clients in international custody matters, which are frequently governed by the Hague Convention while testifying as an expert witness in the United States regarding the same.

He has also represented citizens seeking his counsel on immigration matters in Italy, Switzerland, France, Germany, Brazil and Portugal Finally, his practice also includes participation in numerous Brazilian military criminal proceedings.

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Phone: +34 637 15 49 21
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