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After innumerable indirect genealogical investigations, for specific purposes of inheritance, mainly of heirs residing in other countries, we have observed that there is a great shortage of professionals and of companies dedicated to these questions in Spain and in Portugal. In some cases, our clients have requested not only the recovery and partition of inheritances, but also some additional information regarding the place of residence of their ancestors, their professions or addresses.

What seems clear is that, although we are talking about inheritance, and this would involve a legal-financial question, the truth is that families, once we begin to find their ancestors, are increasingly curious to know something more about their own origins.

Based on this premise, we then decide to take the genealogical issues to a prominent place in our activities, as there are many people, inside and mainly outside Spain and Portugal, who seek to know about their origins, although in many cases distance or language will not allow them to have more direct contact with the Spanish and Portuguese Civil Registries to find the information they would like to obtain.

Thus Genealogical Studies is born, an idea, a project and now a reality, that goes into the familiar questions of all those interested in knowing something more about their past, their family, anywhere in the Iberian peninsula, once we perform researches not only in Spain but also in Portugal.

We know that family trees are much more than dates or names on a paper. They are the materialization of memories and of the own life that is, in the end, what gives meaning to the idea of family. Genealogical Studies brings the past to life.

If your intention is to obtain your right as heir or to give a relative or friend the knowledge about his or her own family history, we can definitely help.

You can contact us through the multiple channels of communication that we have at your disposal:

Phones: +34 637 15 43 21 / +34 691 40 02 99

Email: genealogicals@gmail.com



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Contact us and let us know what you know about your family and how far in the past you would like to go. We will make your story present, and possibly reveal forgotten or unknown ancestors, as well as their ways of life, professions and / or addresses.

We are aware that, in exceptional cases, we need information quickly. There would be no problem in discuss the limitation of the deadlines.

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