What is the use of genealogical studies?

Genealogical studies” can be defined as a set of researches on family composition, ancestors and descendants, family relationships, and alliances of an individual based on different methods that supplies documentary evidences.

We can “rebuild” a family genealogy starting the research from a single person. Documentary research (registers, archives, libraries, newspapers in physical or virtual places) will make it possible to draw a family tree whose branches will point to the ascending lines of this person.

By investigating the family records of the people who are part of the tree not only important data that allow us to know where and when they were born are revealed, but from this small discovery we begin to outline a family map, the path the ancestors went through and the environment in which they have lived. All this along with the memories, photos or diaries that the relatives may provide us, can generate a family book that will combine both the story and the emotions and experiences of the family.

Genealogical studies can be more or less complex and their results diverse, but that will always depend on the needs or goals raised by each person.

Having previously defined the general concept of genealogical studies, we provide you a summary of their basic uses:

1. Family tree

It is the construction of different family branches from a specific individual. The family tree configures itself as a family mapping. It is very useful as a database and can be a starting point for writing an autobiography or a family biography.

2. Family Book

The process of developing a family book requires, on the one hand, the research carried out by professionals, such as ourselves, and on the other hand, the participation of family members, who will provide the initial certificates, family documentation and personal testimonies. The book will capture the history of a family, with details such as professions, diseases, behaviors or migratory movements.

3. Documentation Recovery

Genealogical studies also allow us to find and recover documents, certificates, or other records of deceased persons that may be useful for both inheritance purposes as well as for citizenship applications in the ancestor’s home country.

4. For Inheritance Purposes

Many of the documents that we usually find when carrying out a genealogical study, such as certificates of birth, marriage or death, are essential requirements to initiate a process of inheritance, as well as to apply for citizenship in a country.

5. Applying for Citizenship

Usually the countries accept that the individual requests his/her citizenship if his/her ancestor was up to the third ascending degree, but there are exceptions. Italian citizenship, for example, is granted without limit of ancestral degrees, when the transmission line is paternal. However, in all cases it will be necessary to provide the original documentation of all the ancestors to the dante causa, that is, the original person of the country to which the citizenship is requested.

6. A unique gift

A framed family tree or a family story in the form of a beautiful hardcover book is surely a very special gift for everyone.

A Slow Process, but it worths

As you can see, a genealogical study can have multiple functions, from a singular gift, to satisfy curiosities about our ancestors, to make a historical “tour” of our family, up to the resolution of legal issues, in cases of inheritance or applying for a citizenship.

Those of us who work with genealogy know, and it is very important that those who wish to request an investigation also take it very seriously, that each genealogical study is a world apart. Depending on the initial documentation that one may have, the research may take more or less time to yield results, but there in only few occasions the results turn up immediately. Apart from a few specific cases, such as the search for documentation, other works cannot be done in a few days, they require time and patience, but we guarantee that the result will always be worth it.

We hope this article has clarified the most common doubts related to genealogical studies and we provide you our contact in case you want to send us any questions or to obtain more information about our work of genealogical research and advice on applying for a citizenship.

Daniele Leoz Ferronato and Ricardo Franco Pinto

Website Genealogical Studies


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