Family Tree

If we are talking about a bespoke research, the fees are per working hours. In these investigations, we will carry out a depth research and we will try to find the maximum number of ancestors and their respective information, according to the needs of each client and the approved budget.

In general terms, the client is provided with a Report on the generations of a family line and whenever possible additional information about their lives.

The time spent may vary according to the way of life of the family investigated. For example, in case the family has moved frequently, it will be necessary to investigate in different Civil Registries.

For this type of research, which will not only include information in ascending direct line (parents, grandparents, great-grandparents), but also collateral line (brothers, uncles, nephews), family information is indispensable and it is practically impossible to know how far can we reach. Anyways, this is precisely what makes the genealogy exciting and fascinating, mainly for the client, who usually has amazing and pleasant surprises.


Our fees exclude shipping costs and VAT (21%). Also not included: The Hague Apostille, translations, ecclesiastical fees.

 Free initial consultation

All our initial consultations are free, where the client will receive all the information about the development of the research, and what results we can obtain. This first consultation can be personal, by email, telephone, skype or other available means. We speak English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Other expenses

In the event that, in the course of the investigation, we find that any of the ancestors were born in a country other than Spain or Portugal, we will immediately inform the client of the possible additional costs to follow the investigation.

All the details and fees on our services you will find in the page fees.

Family Tree Samples:


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